About TD

At td we provide development and support services for companies large and small. Everything we do is custom, which allows us to say "yes" much more than the average development company. We have created and continue to enhance applications for our clients including CMS systems, ecommerce sites, reporting suites, CRM systems, fulfillment services and lead managers.

We focus our efforts on ASP.NET for web development and iOS for app development with a lengthy list of supporting technologies including jQuery, AJAX, MS SQL, Sqlite, WCF, web services, Flash, Actionscript and Telerik controls (to name a few).


We are a young, dynamic company and we are passionate about our work. We deliver quality and stand by what we do. Our team works together to continually refine our programming techniques, management process and timeline efficiency.

"We never want to stop learning."

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Our Principals

We are always seeking to build new, lasting relationships. Many of our clients have been with us for over five years. This allows us to be a resource to our customers. We regularily offer our expertise to assist our clients with security enhancements, system improvements and new technology adoption. It is important to us to make every clients experience a positive one.

td is governed by 6 core values:

Honesty  •  Integrity  •  Quality  •  Creativity  •  Innovation  •  Dedication

Our success depends on your success. We will never sell you something you don't need, inflate a cost just to meet a budget or cut a corner to get something done. Simply put, we are true to what we do.

"At td, we desire to share our values with our clients through our work."