Tech Education

Protect Your Assets

We often hear horror stories from clients who’s former employee or technical consultant held domain names hostage or refused to transfer other company accounts once a project had reached completion. It's not uncommon to task developers with creating accounts and registering services for your project. Afterall, you hired that person to advise what services to use and how to best implement them. The issues arrise when a protocol is not in place to correctly handle these transactions.

Some of the accounts at risk include:

  • Domain names
  • SSL certificates
  • Hosting accounts
  • Google Analytics (and other Google services)
  • Social media accounts

Our best advice is to have a procedure for the setup and management of all company accounts including credentials and protocols for who can make modifications. If a contractor is setting up the credentials, you should provide the required information. If an employee is creating the account, insure they follow the established process and never let an employee use personal information to setup company assets.

Pay attention and have a plan to limit your exposure. A small amount of planning can save major headaches, thousands of dollars and potential negative press were you to fall victim to a hostage taker.

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